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White Glove Concierge

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Imposible is a word that is used by people who can not think big… For White Glove Concierge Service that was thought for complying with the request right away what people’s kind of request who lives in Trump Towers Istanbul, means just a challenge. Are to find an invitation for a show which its tickets sold out in advance months at the front row, to open sections of a museum that close for an ordinary visitors, to book for an hour later at restaurant or night clup which its reservation list full for ten days… imposible? It could be imposible for some people but the solutions of these problems or similar requests are just a challenge that will end up in victory in Trump Towers Istanbul. White Glove Concierge Service works 7/24 to fulfill the needs of habitants of Trump Towers by way of its special connections and services beyond expectations to all request with unprecedental determination in Turkey. The people who has a apartment at Trump Towers Istanbul can benefit from these services all over the world by way of international network between Trump apartments. Hold your expactations high above. Because you will find the best quality service at Trump Towers Istanbul